CGG  Seminar on Scientific Soft Skills (summer term 2008/2009)

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This seminar is targeted at students who want to improve their scientific soft-skills in English language.
The seminar has several ambitions:

The format of the seminar is as follows:
At the beginning, each student will choose one research paper from the provided list. Then one paper will be discussed each week. The student responsible for that particular paper will lead the discussion, which means they must briefly summarize it, pinpoint inherent advantages and problems and explain it as a whole to the rest of the class. In this phase no "slide-based" presentation is done.

At the end of the semester each student will prepare short (at most 20 minutes) electronic presentation of their paper and give it before the class. This presentation must use slides and should also include all the experiences gained in the discussion. Finally after the presentation, each student must write a report-like summary of their paper, i.e. basically re-phrase the problem studied in the paper with their own words and add their own comments.

The seminar will be held COMPLETELY in ENGLISH, i.e. all the papers, discussions, talks and reports are in English.
Throughout the semester, regular participation in the seminar is required (otherwise the discussion would lose its sense completely).
Each student is allowed to miss the seminar without a proper excuse at most twice.


The shape of the final report was settled.

Seminar was settled: Tuesday 17:20, S11, 1st meeting will be on the March 10th.

Time, date and room

Tuesday, 17:20, S11

Papers to choose from

Each student has to pick one paper from the following list. All papers will be introduced briefly at the 1st meeting (March 10). Every paper has its "advisor" (person who nominated the paper), don't hesitate to contact him with any questions..

Student Advisor Paper title Author[s] Link
  Jan Horacek Automatic Rib Segmentation in CT Data Joes Staal, Bram van Ginneken, and Max A. Viergever SpringerLink
Benes II Jan Horacek Automatic Extraction of Femur Contours from Hip X-ray Images Ying Chen, Xianhe Ee, Wee Kheng Leow, and Tet Sen Howe PDF
Danihelka Petr Kmoch Animating Hair with Loosely Connected Particles Yosuke Bando, Bing-Yu Chen, Tomoyuki Nishita WWW
Benes Petr Kmoch Discrete Elastic Rods Miklos Bergou, Max Wardetzky, Stephen Robinson, Basile Audoly, Eitan Grinspun WWW
  Petr Kmoch Deep Opacity Maps Cem Yuksel, John Keyser WWW
Elek Vaclav Krajicek Style Transfer Function for Illustrative Volume Rendering Bruckner, Groller PDF
Elek II Vaclav Krajicek CT imaging based digitally reconstructed radiographs and their application in brachytherapy Milickovic, Baltas, Giannouli, Lahanas, Zamboglou PostScript
  Josef Pelikán Evaluation of the symmetry plane in 3D MR brain images Tuzikov A. V., Colliot O., Bloch I. ScienceDirect

Current schedule

DatePaper titleSpeakerAdvisorAttendance
10. 3. 2009 Introductory session Josef Pelikan et al. Be, Da, El
17. 3. 2009 How to read scientific papers Petr Kmoch Be, Da, El
24. 3. 2009 Animating Hair with Loosely Connected Particles Jiri Danihelka Petr Kmoch Be, Da, El
31. 3. 2009 Demonstration of two SIGGRAPH paper presentations Josef Pelikan Be, El
7. 4. 2009 Discrete Elastic Rods Jan Benes Petr Kmoch Be, Da, El
14. 4. 2009 Presentation rehearsal (CESCG 2009), PDF Oskar Elek Petr Kmoch, Josef Pelikan Be, Da, El
21. 4. 2009 How to write a scientific paper Petr Kmoch Be, Da
28. 4. 2009 Style Transfer Function for Illustrative Volume Rendering Oskar Elek Vaclav Krajicek Be, Da, El
5. 5. 2009 How to present a scientific paper Petr Kmoch Be, El
12. 5. 2009 Demonstration of two conference presentations Josef Pelikan
19. 5. 2009 Oral presentations

Final report

As the final task, each student must write a review of their paper, as if they were reviewing the paper for a conference. To do this, the student must fill in the review form, which is moulded after review forms from acutal conferences. Please send the filled in form to your paper's advisor with sufficient time left for its evaluation and possible clarifications. The utmost deadline is 4th September, but you are strongly advised to send it in well before that, preferably in June.

Should you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please let us know at, or

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