Development of software for analysis in geometric morphometry - Morphome3cs

This project is funded by GAUK.

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Geometric morphometry is a powerful tool for research in the fields of anthropology, archaeology and biology. Unfortunately, most of the currently available software is highly specialized or no longer supported. No one program completely satisfies the broad palette of the researchers' needs. Combining and extending the capabilities of the existing tools while integrating them into a single suite is the aim of this project.

Morphome3cs is a program that has been developed since 2009 and already incorporates some of the required tools and algorithms for landmark placement in both 2D and 3D, statistical analysis and visualization of results. More importantly, it provides a highly extensible framework for the development and implementation of new statistical and visualization methods. When complete, Morphome3cs will feature enhancements in its landmark placement tools, facilities for convenient work with both planar curves on photographs and spatial surface curves in 3D, whose significance in geometric morphometry is emerging. Moreover, statistical and visualization capabilities of the existing software will be thoroughly researched and implemented so that it is not neccessary to use other software for ordinary morphometrical tasks.

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