Special Seminar on Computer Graphics
winter semester 2007/2008

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This seminar is targeted at the students who think they might want to devote to computer graphics more deeply and/or would like to write bachelor or master thesis in it.
The seminar has several ambitions:

The format of the seminar is as follows:
At the beginning, each student will choose one research paper from the provided list. Then one paper will be discussed each week. The student responsible for that particular paper will lead the discussion, which means he must briefly summarize it, pinpoint inherent advantages and problems and explain it as a whole to the rest of the class. In this phase no "slide-based" presentation is done.

At the end of the semester each student will prepare short (at most 20 minutes) electronic presentation of his paper and give it before the class. This presentation must use slides and should also include all the experiences gained in the discussion. Finally after the presentation, each student must write a report-like summary of his paper, e.g. basically re-phrase the problem studied in the paper with his own words and add his own comments.

The seminar will be held COMPLETELY in ENGLISH, e.g. all the papers, discussions, talks and report are in English.
Throughout the semester, regular participation in the seminar is required (otherwise the discussion would lose its sense completely).
Each student is allowed to miss the seminar without a proper excuse at most two times.


This week we have the presentation session, which is the last regular meeting in the term.

Time, date and room

Every Thursday, 18:10, S10

Current schedule

The schedule has been settled as follows:

DatePaper titleStudentAdvisor
11.10.2007Introductory sessionLukas Marsalek--
18.10.2007Faster Isosurface Ray Tracing using Implicit KD-TreesMichal HapalaLukas Marsalek
25.10.2007Real-Time Rendering of Human Hair Using Programmable Graphics HardwareOskar ElekPetr Kmoch
1.11.2007Genetic Algorithm Driven Statistically Deformed Models for Medical Image SegmentationIrena VanovaVaclav Krajicek
8.11.2007Ray Tracing on the Cell ProcessorMichal HapalaLukas Marsalek
15.11.2007Segmentation of Medical Images Using Adaptive Region GrowingIrena VanovaVaclav Krajicek
22.11.2007High-Quality Pre-Integrated Volume Rendering Using Hardware-Accelerated Pixel ShadingOskar ElekLukas Marsalek
29.11.2007SIGGRAPH 2007 presentations
6.12.2007SIGGRAPH 2007 presentations
13.12.2007Info sessionLukas MarsalekAbout presentations and reports
20.12.2007No seminar----
3.1.2008No seminar----
10.1.2008Presentation sessionIrena Vanova, Michal Hapala, Oskar Elek--

Should you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please let me know at lukas dot marsalek at mff dot cuni dot cz

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