Bench is task-based benchmark suite for 32-bit and 64-bit computers. It consists of several tasks which are designed to measure performance of CPU, FPU, main memory, memory cache, file-system, multi-threading, etc.
Both C++ and Java versions are available.

Bench is a "Open Source" program, see copyright.txt for details.

Brief documentation is provided in readme.txt file, you have to dig into source code for more detail :C.
Command-line options are available after typing "bench" (w/o parameters).
Sample CPU descriptions can be found in cpu.txt file.

Changelog of the project.

If you will be successful in runnung Bench on your computer, send please your results back (suffix of the "results.txt" file) by e-mail: !


Current source files, result files, scripts, etc. are available from public Subversion repository:

Archive release: (631KB)
(includes: Windows binaries, Java binaries, source files, results)

Latest results can be downloaded separately: results.txt.
Result-summary is listed in summary.txt (more summaries: C++ only /ref-sorted/, Java only /ref-sorted/).

Current Windows executables:

Older Win32 executables:

Java binaries:

Very old binary archives and executables


VUCAKO Bench is used for multi-core computers testing at "Silicon Hill" in Prague. See results.

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