GPU lecture support pages

C++ instructions

Some examples and task (homework projects) are using the C++ environment together with OpenGL API, SDL library, CUDA or OpenCL.
(for the C# info see this page)


  • Visual Studio 2015
  • OpenTK 2.0 library (C# binding)
  • SDL library 2.0 (Windows x86 binary is included in Ogl repository)
  • GLEW library (included in Ogl repository)
  • NVIDIA CUDA Toolkit (integrates itself into MS Visual Studio, recent version supports up to VS 2013, CUDA 8.0 should support VS 2015, unfortunately it doesn't seem to support VS 2015 Update 3 ?)

Hardware: some examples may run even on a very old OpenGL hardware, nevertheless I recommend using modern NVIDIA or Intel GPU. Most advanced examples/tasks could require recent NVIDIA hardware (CUDA definitely needs NVIDIA GPU).

OpenGL examples

Short and simple examples are using OpenGL under SDL (with possible help of some additional libraries, e.g. GLEW or Cg toolkit).

SVN repository of C[++] projects is accessible from svn://

General OpenGL sources

You may need an additional sources to study details about OpenGL. Nice repository of examples: NeHe tutorial (even in Czech translation).

Documents by OpenGL consortium: Book reference, Specifications,
Reference pages: Official OpenGL Reference, Red book, Orange book (GLSL).
Popular NeHe Tutorial (in Czech) or Swiftless tutorials covering evan more recent OpenGL versions.

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