Jaroslav Křivánek

Seminar on Scientific Soft Skills (NPGR010) - summer semester 2015/2016

Taught by Jaroslav Křivánek | Tue 9:00-10:30 in SW1 (Malá Strana) | SIS


This seminar is for students who want to improve their scientific soft-skills in the English language. The attendees will:


Link to English test results

Paper Assignement

Student Paper
Petr Vévoda Kider et al., A Framework for the Experimental Comparison of Solar and Skydome Illumination, SIGGRAPH 2014
Ivo Kondapaneni Vorba, Bidirectional Photon Mapping, CESCG 2011.
M. S. Suraj Popov et al., Probabilistic Connections for Bidirectional Path Tracing, EGSR 2015.
Federico Forti Meng et al., Multi-Scale Modeling and Rendering of Granular Materials, SIGGRAPH 2015.
Chi Wang Dupuy et al., Extracting Microfacet-based BRDF Parameters from Arbitrary Materials with Power Iterations, EGSR 2015
Ana Patricia Márquez Rios and Chaimowicz, trAIns: An Artificial Inteligence for OpenTTD, VIII Brazilian Symposium on Digital Games and Entertainment

Class Schedule

Date Program Slides
23.2.2016 Introduction. English self-evaluation test. Paper assignment. pdf | pptx
1.3.2016 Lecture pdf | pptx
8.3.2016 Student presentations.
15.3.2016 Paper presentation: Ivo Kondapaneni
22.3.2016 Paper presentation: Federico Forti
Lecture on paper reviewing, assignment of reviews
29.3.2016 Paper presentation: M. S. Suraj
5.4.2016 Paper presentation: Chi Wang
12.4.2016 Paper presentation: Petr Vévoda
19.4.2016 Summary of feedback on first round of presentations.
Paper review discussion.
26.4.2016 Paper presentation (round 2): Ivo Kondapaneni, Federico Forti
3.5.2016 Paper presentation (round 2): M. S. Suraj, Chi Wang
10.5.2016 Paper presentation (round 2): Petr Vévoda
17.5.2016 TBA
24.5.2016 TBA