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→ Who: I am a post-doctoral researcher at University of California in Santa Cruz, in the Creative Coding Lab led by Angus Forbes. My specialization is visual computing, a fascinating multi-disciplinary subdomain of computer science. Visual computing builds on physics and mathematics, and pertains to many different areas including human perception and interfaces, color science, computational fabrication, art, and others.

→ What: My primary scientific interests revolve around the question "How can we model the visual reality and reason about it?". My work towards that goal has touched on the topics of physically-based rendering, optically active media, Monte Carlo methods, efficient sampling, color science, computational fabrication and machine learning. Check out what I've been up to in recent years.

→ Why: Personally I'm fueled by curiosity, and love seeking connections between scientific disciplines -- pretty much anywhere between physics and philosophy. I'm passionate about visual arts, mainly photography, film, computer games, drawing, and just about anything that relates to fractals (even beyond their visual manifestation). I enjoy questions (asking and answering), socializing, travelling and sports (mainly biking but many others). I am predominantly chaotic, a friend to genuine people of any race and gender, and an enemy to hypocrisy, willful ignorance, and unbounded egoism.

→ Contact
Creative Coding Lab [↑]
Computational Media Dept. [↑]
UC Santa Cruz [↑]
Room 258, 1156 High Street [↑]
Santa Cruz, California, USA

→ Email
o#ska#r.e#le#k@gm#ai#l.co#m (remove the hashtags!)

→ Phone
+1 669 800 7906 (voice/SMS)
+420 776 626 790 (Whatsapp/Telegram)

→ TLDR resume
Current appointment: Post-doctoral researcher at Creative Coding Lab, UC Santa Cruz
Previous appointment: Early-stage researcher at Charles University Prague and Marie Sklodovska-Curie Fellow within DISTRO ITN
Education: Bc./Msc. at Charles University Prague, Ph.D. at Max-Planck-Institute for Informatics and Saarland University, Saarbruecken

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