Bench is task-based benchmark suite for 32-bit and 64-bit computers. It consists of several tasks which are designed to measure performance of CPU, FPU, main memory, memory cache, file-system, multi-threading, etc.
Three language versions are available: C++, C# and Java.

Bench is a "Open Source" program, see copyright.txt for details.

Brief documentation is provided in readme.txt file, you have to dig into source code for more details.
Command-line options are printed after typing "bench" (w/o parameters).

Recent Windows executables can be downloaded here: You can read the instructions in advance: 00readme.txt.

Changelog of the project.

If you will be successful in runnung Bench on your computer, send please your results back (suffix of the "results.txt" file) by e-mail: !


Current source files, result files, scripts, etc. are available from public Subversion repository:

Archive release: (631KB)
(includes: Windows binaries, Java binaries, source files, results)


Latest results can be downloaded separately: results.txt.
Result-summary is listed in summary.txt (more summaries: C++ only /ref-sorted/, C# only /ref-sorted/, Java only /ref-sorted/).


Current Windows executables:

Recommended download: (recent C++, C#, Java executables together with instructions).

Older Win32 executables:

Java binaries:

Very old binary archives and executables


VUCAKO Bench is used for multi-core computers testing at "Silicon Hill" in Prague. See results.

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