Motion - Capturing and Retargeting

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Table of contents

Motion – Capturing and Retargeting


I. Motion

How to Obtain Motion Data?

II. Motion Capture

History of MC

MC Technologies

Electromechanical suits

Electromagnetic MC

Optical MC

MC Technologies – pros/cons

MC Pipeline

Processing Stage

Motion Editing and Re-use

Conversion to skeletal data

Applications of MC

MC Tips

III. Retargeting of Motion

What is the problem?

Task Definition


Principle of Motion Retargeting

Implementation of MR

Retargeting Results

Computer Puppetry

Computer Puppetry – Apps.

Closing Notes

IV. References


Author: Jaroslav Semančík

E-mail: Jaroslav,Semancik;mff,cuni,cz


Further information:
Presentation for 2nd year students on computer science seminar.

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Update: 13. 6. 2003