Alexander Wilkie


Matematicko-fyzikální fakulta
Univerzita Karlova v Praze

WINTER Semester 2017/18

NPGR003 - Computer Graphics 1
NPGR025 - Introduction to Colour Science

SUMMER Semester 2018

NPGR026 - Predictive Rendering Technologies

NPGR027 - Shading Languages

NPGR028 - Real Time Raytracing


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    EGSR 2017

    EGSR 2011

    EGSR 2011


Courses Taught at MFF UK

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A Robust Illumination Estimate for Chromatic Adaptation in Rendered Images
A. Wilkie, A. Weidlich
EGSR 2009

Anomalous Dispersion in Predictive Rendering

A. Weidlich, A. Wilkie
EGSR 2009

Rendering the Effect of Labradorescence

A. Weidlich, A. Wilkie

Graphics Interface 2009

Realistic rendering of birefringence in uniaxial crystals

A. Weidlich, A. Wilkie
ACM TOG, March 2008

Arbitrarily Layered Micro-Facet Surfaces

A. Weidlich, A. Wilkie

Academic Affiliation


A Standardised Polarisation Visualisation for Images
A. Wilkie, A. Weidlich
SCCG 2010

A Physically Plausible Model for Light Emission from Glowing Solid Objects
A. Wilkie, A. Weidlich
EGSR 2011

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My position as “Docent” here at Charles University is roughly equivalent to “Senior Lecturer” in the British academic system, or “Associate Professor” in the U.S.


Computer Graphics


Predictive Rendering

    Polarisation Raytracing

    Rendering of Fluorescence Effects

    Analytical BRDF models

Colour Science

    Spectral Rendering

    White Balance for Rendered Images

General Ray-Based Rendering Technology

    Parallelisation, Network Rendering

    Scene Graph APIs

Publications of the last years

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Modeling and Verifying the Polarizing Reflectance of Real-World Metallic Surfaces
K. Berger, A. Weidlich, A. Wilkie, M. Magnor
IEEE CG&A, vol. 32, no. 2

Interactive Cloud Rendering Using Temporally-Coherent Photon Mapping
O. Elek, T. Ritschel, A. Wilkie,
H.-P. Seidel

Graphics Interface 2012

An Analytic Model for Full Spectral Sky-Dome Radiance
L. Hošek, A. Wilkie

Adding a Solar Radiance Function to the Hosek Skylight Model
L. Hošek, A. Wilkie
IEEE CG & A, 2013

Predicting Sky Dome Appearance on Earth-like Extrasolar Worlds
A. Wilkie, L. Hošek
SCCG 2013

Procedural Modelling of Urban Road Networks
J. Beneš, A. Wilkie, J. Křivánek
Computer Graphics Forum, 2014

Hero Wavelength Spectral Sampling
A. Wilkie, S. Nawaz, M. Droske,
A. Weidlich, J. Hanika
EGSR 2014

Bi-directional Polarised Light Transport
M. Mojzík, T. Skřivan, A. Wilkie, J. Křivánek

EGSR 2016

Image-based Remapping of Material Appearance
A. Sztrajman, J. Křivánek, A. Wilkie, T. Weyrich

Virtual ellipsometry on layered micro-facet surfaces
C. Wang, A. Wilkie, P. Harcuba,
L. Novosad

OSA Express Vol. 25/19, 2017

Scattering-aware Texture Reproduction for 3D Printing
O. Elek, D. Sumin, R. Zhan, T. Weyrich, K. Myszkowski, B. Bickel, A. Wilkie, J. Křivánek

SIGGRAPH Asia 2017

Handling Fluorescence in a Uni-directional Spectral Path Tracer
M. Mojzík, A. Fichet, A. Wilkie
EGSR 2018