Computer graphics I - labs (2016/2017)

Currently Active Assignments

051. Colour palette from an image (until 8. 11. 2016) - 9 points

Computing of a pleasant color palette based on a single input image.

091. SVG Fractal (until 15. 11. 2016) - 8 points

Generating a 2D fractal, and storing it in an SVG file.

004. HDR Images (until 22. 11. 2016) - 8 points

Manually generating an HDR image.

092. Line Graphics (until 29. 11. 2016) - 6 points

Generate an interesting image by using Lines / Polylines.

093. Line Animation (until 9. 1. 2017) - 5-20 points

Generate an interesting animation by using Lines / Polylines.

094. Tone-mapping an HDR image (until 6. 12. 2016) - 6-14 points

Conversion of an HDR image to a displayable LDR format (8 bits per channel).

094. Halftoning for a Laser printer (until 22. 12. 2016) - 10-15 points

Stochastic halftoning for a high-resolution laser printer.

095. Building a 3D scene - SFC (until 10. 1. 2017) - 10 to 16 points [3D]

Algorithmic construction of a 3D scene with a space filling 3D curve.

095. Rubik's Cube' (until 21. 1. 2017) - 10 to 18 points [3D]

Implementation of interaction with a a Rubik's Cube puzzle, with animation of the puzzle geometry as the user interacts with it.

039. Terrain Generation (until 25. 2. 2017) - 10 to 24 points + bonus [3D]

Generation of a fractal 3D terrain, optionally with fly-overs and non-trivial shading.

Selected assignments from last year

081. An image that contains all 16M colours (until 15. 11. 2015) - 6 to 15 points

Generation of a full colour image, either via a function that is controlled by user-specified parameters, or via an input image that is used as generator seed.

082. An interesting image generated only from circles and discs (until 22. 11. 2015) - 6 to 12 points

The challenge here is to generate a technically and visually interesting image that is created only from circles and discs.

083. An animation generated with circles and discs (until 9. 1. 2015) - 5 to 20 points

Generate a technically and visually interesting movie that is created only from circles and discs.

087. Fireworks (until 28. 2. 2016) - 10 to 20 points [3D]

Algorithmic construction of a firework animation.

Credit requirements

Every student has to earn min 50 points, upper limit is 80 points (CGI: at least 16 points has to be from 3D graphics tasks).
Deadline for winter-term credit is 19. 2. 2017 !
Deadline for summer-term credit is 2. 7. 2017 !

Credit points will be added to examination result (max. 100 points) and final grades will be determined using the next table.
Grading table:
150+ points A (výborně)
130 to 149 points B (velmi dobře)
110 to 129 points C (dobře)
less than 110 points F (nevyhověl(a))

How to earn points

A. tasks (assignments) runnung through the whole term (C#)

Tasks are defined on labs. Typical task will be 3 to 4 weeks due. Asssesment depends on difficulty, solution quality, robustness and elegance. Additional bonus points can be given, e.g. in case of contest.

B. transfer from previous year

90% of last-year points could be transferred from the previous year (upon explicit student's request).


Some tasks could include contest (if there is well defined criterion for solution comparison).
Such tasks will be marked as "CONTEST" and there will be public chart displaying best results. There will be point bonus associated with top ranks (typically 10, 6, resp. 3 points in case at least 10 participants).
Only solutions submitted in time are counted!


There are several simple rules that you should follow:
  • mail messages has to be sent from e-mail identity where your civil first name and surname can be easy determined
    (try to use something like "Malcolm Reynolds" <>)
  • one message = one solution. If you want to ask a question or send a complaint, use different message!
  • message subject has to contain task number (three-digit decimal number). Everything else is optional..
  • you definitely must follow rules for source-file naming, there is a clear definition on each task's web page. Don't forget to write your name into a comment on the first line of source file!
  • don't send unasked files (there are exceptions but they are quite rare)
  • don't send huge mail attachments! If you want to send an image (demonstration of a good/bad case, input picture, etc.), use small resolution. Large files (e.g. videos) should be uploaded to any common sharing site (Dropbox, Google drive, and you will send URL in a mail instead.
  • functionality of your code could be tested in conditions slightly different from the obvious ones. Produce robust code! Handle all (even weird) input conditions well, please.
  • sometimes we will include special comments into source files to mark places where your code/changes should go. Please don't feel restricted by those comments. You can insert any variable/support class/data structure as long as it stays in a source file declared for consignment. Don't add more source files to the task project.


Simply attach the requested source code to a mail message. Uncompressed, unecrypted, follow rules declared earlier (message subject)!

There is a penalty of 1 point for every day after a task deadline.

Lab schedule

See lab schedule on the SIS server.

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