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JaGrLib is project supervised by Josef Pelikán. It is library (general modular framework) usable for algorithms and data structures design, testing & tuning. In the first phase it is focused on computer graphics and data compression, especially on the general computer graphics curriculum taught by Computer Graphics Group of Faculty of Mathematics and Physics at Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic.

The language used in this project is Java (version 2 .. JDK version >= 1.5). Recommended environments: JDK tools with Apache ANT or NetBeans IDE or Eclipse.

The library is under development. You can download actual repository snapshot, browse source tree or on-line documentation (generated by JavaDoc). JavaDoc documentation archive can be downloaded here.

The whole source tree is managed by Subversion Tigris (SVN) version-control-system. If you need access to the latest sources, install any of SVN clients and use read-only repository at svn://

Retrieving the actual source tree:

svn checkout svn://
Potential contributors should contact Josef Pelikán to become read/write access to the repository.

There is more information of local interest in Czech language only (computer graphics labs, assignments, ..).


Official project repository (read-only): svn://
   (this is recent stable version of JaGrLib - go up one directory for the whole tree)

Discussion fora: General JaGrLib forum, bug-reporting forum, forum for JaGrLib developers

Repository trunk snapshot (daily update): JaGrLib.tgz, HTTP source browsing

On-line documentation: JavaDoc generated JaGrLib reference, downloadable as a single file:

Image/video gallery  Image gallery

Executable archive: jagrlib.jar (use "java -jar jagrlib.jar" to execute GUI application)

News, credits: news.html

Change-log (obsolete): changes.html

Local information (mostly in Czech): HOWTO page, Scripting in JaGrLib, Ray-tracing in JaGrLib, Radiosity in JaGrLib, seminars, labs, JaGrLib labs (might be obsolete).

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