Jaroslav Křivánek

Haptic rendering for under-actuated 6/3-DOF haptic devices

Petr Kadleček
Charles University in Prague
Petr Kmoch
Charles University in Prague
Jaroslav Křivánek
Charles University in Prague

An experimental study was designed to assess the influence of our torque simulation system on perceiving the missing physical torque feedback when using an under-actuated 6/3-DOF haptic device. We prepared three scenes presenting different interaction scenarios: Teeth, Piping and Ear scene. In each scene, the participant's task was to use the haptic probe to touch a visible checkpoint for 3 seconds until it disappeared and a next checkpoint became visible.


Under-actuated 6/3-DOF haptic devices are mostly used for simple 3-DOF point-based haptic interaction because of missing torque feedback. In this work, we present a system involving sensory substitution and pseudo-haptic feedback that effectively simulate torque feedback using visuo-tactile cues. The proposed system was implemented into a 6-DOF haptic rendering algorithm and tested on an under-actuated haptic device in a user study. We found that by applying our torque simulation system, the torque perception increases significantly and that 6/3-DOF devices can be used in complex tasks involving 6-DOF interactions.


Petr Kadleček, Petr Kmoch, Jaroslav Křivánek. Haptic rendering for under-actuated 6/3-DOF haptic devices. Proceedings of EuroHaptics 2014, Versailles, June 2014. SpringerLink (to appear) | BibTeX.

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The work was supported by the GA UK 2062214 and SVV-2014–260103 grants.