Task gpu005: Terrain with LoD

Your task is to implement Level-of-Detail technique for terrain data defined by a height-map (DEM = Digital Elevation Model). Recommended technique is Geometry clipmaps by Hughes Hoppe (you are free to use any other technique).

geom clipmap
(c) 2005, Hugues Hoppe


You have to define terrain data (generate it procedurally or use some of the available datasets?) as DEM. Consider terrain to be potentially infinite (toroid mapping).

Terrain data (vertices) should be stored in VBO buffers, as well as the indices. Indexing system can benefit from using the "baszevertex" technique (see the glDrawElementsBaseVertex() rendering function).

You must include simple interactivity (arrow keys/mouse) to move the viewer's position and change the viewing direction. You can restrict the viewer to stand on the terrain or fly at low altitudes (hovercraft).

Your solution

Send your complete Visual Studio project. Write a brief document about your ideas and operating manual (interactivity).


Hand in before: 1. 7. 2018


Basis: 30 points for basic terrain rendering with simple interactivity,
bonuses: up to 8 additional points for potentially infinite terrain,
4 to 8 points for advanced interactivity.


There is no optimal starting point, you can start with Visual Studio project 086shader from the grcis repository or project sample09 from the ogl repository.

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