WX Motion Viewer

WXMV is a program for viewing, blending, interpolating and analysis of BVH (Biovision Hierarchy) motion files. It is written in C++ with use of STL, wxWidgets for graphical user interface and OpenGL for visualization of skeletons. Thus the program is rather portable and it can be compiled for any common platform (maybe after some minor adjustments of the source). Free multiplatform GUI toolkit wxWidgets provides a native look on each platform.

WXMV Screenshot
WXMV screenshot

Export to popular free raytracer POV-Ray is recommended for final rendering of an animation. Export to a CSV file (Comma-Separated Values) is useful for analysis – the file may be imported by standard office packages and visualized as a graph. Export to a batch file prepares a script for use with bvhcopy utility to decompose a walking motion to individual steps.

Dance Walk
Some examples

There is a number of programs to convert series of images generated by POV-Ray to an animation. One free tool is pjBmp2Avi creating an .avi animation from .bmp images. Example of the result is a

dance animation

Changes from previous versions.


Update: 15. 1. 2004