Task 091: 2D fractals in SVG format

The task is to generate some popular 2D fractal, and output it in SVG format. You can manually encode it via directly drawing the SVG, or (much better), write some simple program or script that generates the fractal procedurally.



SFC curves (Peano, Peano-Hilbert), Koch snowflake, Dragon curve, ...

Program Environment

If you would like to write a program in C#, the program 091svg from the grcis repository can serve as basis. This is a simple console application which can read parameters from the command line, or from a specified text configuration file. After starting up, it generates an output SVG (or HTML) file that can later be viewed in your favorite Web browser (tested on Chrome, Internet Explorer).

What to hand in

Send the file Program.cs (if you used the 091 template), or the script source, via mail to the lecturer.
In the first line, put your name in a comment.


Hand in the assignment until: 6. 15. 2016


Basic: 8 points, plus a possible bonus for really creative solutions.


Visual Studio project: 091svg (optional).

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