Advanced 2D computer graphics - current information (2015/2016)

Lecture: every THURSDAY AT 12:20 in S4 room (Malá Strana)

Labs: every other THURSDAY AT 14:00 (starting on 22. 10. 2015) in the SW1 lab (Rotunda).

Lecture plan

Lecture #1 (8. 10. 2015)

Introduction, literature, image transparency and composition using alpha-channel

Alpha channel, unary and binary operators, examples.

Lecture #2 (15. 10. 2015)

Image warping

Introduction to image warping, forward/backward computation, interpolation and filtering, MIP-map, multi-pass methods, some concrete definitions of deformation mappings (triangle mesh)

Lab #1 (15.-22. 10. 2015)

Credit system, tasks, programming environment (C# language, SVN repository, MS Visual Studio).

Task 080: Triangle mesh warping
Task 074: Demo program for alpha-blending

Lecture #3 (22. 10. 2015)

Warping - deformations, Morphing

Warping methods: quad mesh, B-spline deformation, two-pass spline method, feature-based warping, image morphing: principles

Lecture #4 (29. 10. 2015)

Morphing, Shape metamorphosis

Temporal interpolation of deformation mapping, problems, shape metamorphosis using physics (A Physically Based Approach to 2D Shape Blending by Sederbergh and Greenwood)

Lecture #5 (12. 11. 2015)

Spatial data structures I

Applications, data types, elementary tasks, Region-quadtree, Pyramida, MX-quadtree, PR-quadtree, bucket PR-quadtree, Point-quadtree (delete), KD-tree, adaptive KD-tree, BSP tree, 'range tree' and interval queries in 1D and 2D

Lab #2 (12. 11. 2015)

Examples: warping, morphing. Applets for spatial data structures (František Brabec).

Task 076: Demo program for 0D feature warping

Lecture #6 (19. 11. 2015)

Spatial data structures II, collision detection

R-tree, Strip tree, PMx quadtree (1,2,3,R), generic geometry-based pass through general hierarchy (using a heap), collision detection, BVH, hierarchy efficiency

Lab #3 (19. 11. 2015)

Point placement in 2D (CCPD, Mitchell, 077mitchell).

Task 008: Efficient intersections in 2D

Lecture #7 (26. 11. 2015)

Introduction to image compression

Suboptimal BVH construction (OOBB). Image compression: basic ideas, applications, genealogy

Lecture #8 (3. 12. 2015)

Image compression - predictive methods, transform coding

Basic terms (entropy, entropic coding), compression requirements, lossy vs. losless compression, PCM, quantization, DM, Lloyd-Max quantizer, predictive methods (DPCM), 2D DPCM, adaptive prediction methods. General transform compression, block quantization, Karhunen-Loeve transform, hybrid methods, interpolation compression (alternating interpolation), coefficient coding: zonal and threshold methods, adaptive transform coding

Lab #4 (3. 12. 2015)

Prediction in text compression, entropic codecs, API for entropic compression in C#

Task 011: Lossless compression of B/W image

Lecture #9 (10. 12. 2015)

Image compression - orthogonal systems

Suboptimal (actually used in practice) orthogonal systems: Fourier series, Fourier transform, DFT, fast DFT (FFT), DST, DCT, Rademacher basis, Hadamard and Walsh bases, fast algorithms, Haar wavelet (wavelet for dummies)

Lecture #10 (17. 12. 2015)

JPEG 1 standard

Introduction to JPEG, block transform and quantization, quantization tables, zig-zag pass and entropy coding (Huffman), quality control, losless variant of JPEG, examples, color image coding, progressive and hierarchical modes, JFIF file-format

Lab #5 (17. 12. 2015)

Wavelet bases, Mallat decomposition, transform coding, VLI number coding (JaGrLib), entropic codecs

Task 014: Transform compression of grayscale image

Lecture #11 (7. 1. 2016)

Video-compression, H.261, MPEG standard principles

Video-compression: videotelephony (CIF, QCIF), motion compensation (inter-frame redundancy reduction), fast methods for similar image-block searching (Jain and Jain, Koga), H.261 standard, MPEG compression, hierarchy of MPEG stream, frame types: I, P, B

Lab #6 (7. 1. 2016)

Video-stream hierarchy, the Gspot utility. Screencasting (ScreenCapture.cs), video compression

Task 016: Offline video-compression
Task 078: Demo program for lifting

Lecture #12 (14. 1. 2016)

MPEG-x standards, H.264 AVC

One-directional and b-directional motion compensation, macroblocks, video-coding standards: MPEG-1, -2, -4, H.264 AVC

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