Petr Kmoch's black&white photo Mgr. Petr Kmoch

Work phone
+420 221914240
Office address
Office 406, KSVI MFF UK, Malostranské Náměstí 25, 118 00 Praha 1, Czech Republic

Since October 2006, I am a PhD student of computer graphics under supervision of RNDr. Josef Pelikán. I belong to the Computer Graphics Group on the Department of Software and Computer Science Education, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of Charles University in Prague.

Present studies

My research interests are dynamic animation of hair. I am mainly focusing on real-time methods utilizing programmable graphics hardware. Details are available in the research section of this website.

Since 2007, I've been cooperating with the Swiss research facility MIRALab on a project of haptic interaction with virtual hair.


For a list of my teaching activities, refer to the teaching section of this website.

Past studies

The topic of my master thesis was "Exteriors and Interiors in Virtual Cities". It extended the project of Virtual Old Prague with impostors and interior area support. It included PHP-generated VRML and an applet and application in the Java programming language. The thesis is available for download in the downloads section.