Please note that ART is provided under the GNU GPL v. 3.0. Make sure you are familiar with the legal consequences of using such software before downloading and installing ART.


We provide two documents in PDF form:

  • The ART Handbook, which describes basic installation and usage of ART, and also provides technical background information on various aspects of the system.

  • The ARM File Reference Manual, which documents the ARM scene description language that is proprietary to ART.

Both are part of the source tree which you can download in the next section, and can be built by typing make pdf in the directory ART/Documentation.

Source Code

The source tree for ART, which contains both the libraries as well as example scenes and documentation sources, is provided as a project on gitlab. Information on branches, new features, and bug tracking are provided there.

Functionality Test

We also provide a functionality test for ART, which runs lots of small rendering and tone mapping jobs, and compares the results to reference images. Due to its size (it contains a considerable number of spectral images), the functionality test environment is a separate project that is also available via gitlab, but lives in a separate repository.

As described in the handbook, we strongly recommend to run this functionality test before pushing a modified version of ART to any repository, even your own.