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  • ART 2.1.1 is available

    After years of silence, we are resuming updates of this page. ART was not dormant during this time: within CGG, we continued to use it for research work, and kept it maintained. But like so many others, we were simply floored with the chaos surrounding COVID, as well as other issues.

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  • ART 2.0.3 released

    The third point release of ART brings fixes and repairs, plus spectral uplifting capability and image maps as new features: see the changelog for an overview.

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  • ART 2.0.2 released

    The second point release of ART brings more fixes and repairs, all listed in the changelog. Read on for a more detailed description of the main items.

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  • ART 2.0.1 released

    The first point release of ART is out, and a brief overview of the changes can be seen in the changelog. Read on to find out more about what is new in this version.

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  • Welcome to ART 2.0!

    We are pleased to announce public release of version 2.0 of the Advanced Rendering Toolkit, or ART for short. ART is an Open Source rendering framework for physically based rendering, and is licensed under the GNU GPL v. 3.0.

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The Advanced Rendering Toolkit
The Advanced Rendering Toolkit

Physically based rendering
taken a step further