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I am an external computer graphics lecturer and fulltime senior rendering programmer at Bohemia Interactive. A former Ph.D. student of Jaroslav Křivánek at the Computer Graphics Group, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University in Prague.

My interests include real-time rendering, computer graphics in general, procedural modeling, and computer game design. Get my CV.


Personal e-mail: {name}.{surname}.88{at}gmail{dot}com
Faculty e-mail: kahoun{at}
Office: KSVI MFF UK, Malostranské Náměstí 25, Praha 1, 11800, Office 406


Areas of interest

  • Real-time computer graphics
  • Procedural content generation


Realtime library for procedural generation and rendering of terrains

  • Master thesis, Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, 2013.
  • thesis (1.6MB pdf)

Procedural generation and realtime rendering of planetary bodies

  • Bachelor thesis, Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, 2010.
  • thesis (1.3MB pdf)



Stubble - Virtual hairstyling plug-in for Autodesk Maya

A software project by: Martin Bulant, Ivan Jankovič, Jan Kadlec, Petr Kadleček, Martin Kahoun, Martin Liška, Martin Šik, Aleš Tamchyna. See Stubble on GitHub.

Stubble is a plugin for Autodesk Maya 2011 providing user-friendly virtual hairstyling, i.e., creation, editing, and animation of hair or fur on 3D models. It is written in C++ and MEL scripting language using the OpenGL and Qt libraries.

The main features include: low disk space footprint of the generated data at render time; procedural hair generation and interpolation via editable guide hairs; hair dynamics via Maya NURBS curves; wide user control over the output using textures; intuitive interface with real-life like tools, e.g., scissors or brush; large variety of input devices, e.g., mouse, tablet, or a haptic device.


PigeonBot - an Unreal Tournament 2004 bot

A semestral project for Human-like artificial agents course written by: Petr Kadleček, Martin Kahoun.

PigeonBot is a bot for Unreal Tournament 2004 capable of playing Capture the Flag in teams. It is written in Java using the Pogamut 2.4 platform. It was tested on the CTF-FaceClassic map.

Its main features are: simple, yet good if-then behavioral system; leader oriented reasoning using the in-game chat communication; sniping behaviour; capability of supporting flag carriers.

Supervised theses

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