Jan Kolomazník

Jan Kolomazník Email: kolomaznik (at) cgg.mff.cuni.cz

Current semester (summer 2020/2021)

Realtime Graphics on GPU (NPGR019)

Lecture for real-time 3D graphics supported by GPUs

Due to the current COVID-19 situation the lecture will have a distant form - prerecorded videos of the individual lectures will be linked here, together with slides and additional study materials.

Course will be done in English this semester.


You are required to at least submit your lab assignments before exam.

Please contact me via email individually when you would like to take the exam and we will schedule a video call. I should be available most of the time during June-September period.

Exam will consist from 2 short questions (1 sentence answer) and 2 longer questions (1 theoretical + 1 practical). You are not required to know specific API calls - all questions chosen to check if you know the underlying principles.