Task 078: Demo program for lifting

Your task is to desing and implement a demo application for 2D wavelet transforms (in lifting form). User should be able to load images, transform them, select from predefined lifting schemas, edit her/his own schemas, etc. Program has to visualize the Mallat decomposition, quantization results (entropy), reconstruction errors, impulse response of individual wavelet coefficients, etc.

VS Project

You must create your own Visual Studio project, you should use the environment of our repository grcis.

Technical details

You should write down your preliminary specification and consult it with me. Some good starting points:
I. Daubechies, W. Sweldens: Factoring Wavelet Transforms Into Lifting Steps
A. R. Calderbank, I. Daubechies, W. Sweldens, Boon-Lock Yeo: Wavelet transforms that map integers to integers
M. D. Adams: Reversible integer-to-integer wavelet transforms for image coding (PhD thesis)
Wikipedia: Discrete wavelet transform


Due to: 18. 2. 2018


Base: 30 points (sufficient number of predefined wavelets/lifting schemas, at least some measurements and visualizations), bonus points for extensive measurements or custom wavelet/lifting builder (e.g. using the NCalc library).


Visual Studio project: create a new one (reuse any suitable one) and hand complete project in.

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