Advanced 2D Computer Graphics (NPGR007)

Code/hours: NPGR007, 2/1 Z + Zk (winter)
Schedule: Wed 15:40 SU2 (Malá Strana)
Lecturer: Josef Pelikán
Prerequisities: basic programming course (C#), basic calculus and linear algebra, Introduction to Computer graphics (NPGR003)

This is advanced course of 2D computer graphics. Main topics are: 2D image composition and transformation, warping, morphing, spatial data structures, image and video compression methods (including JPEG, MPEG and H.264 standards).

Additional labs focus on practical aspect of the subject. Tasks are in C# language. See the GrCis repository.


  • 2D raster images - image composition (alpha-blending), warping, morphing
  • spatial data structures - quadtree, k-d-tree, R-tree, BSP, ... fast searching, applications in GIS
  • still image compression - basic principles, mathematical background, orthogonal transforms (DST, DCT, ..), Wavelets, fractal compression, JPEG standard
  • video compression - motion prediction, standards: MPEG, H.261, H.264 AVC


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