Introduction to Computer graphics (NPGR003)

Code/hours: NPGR003, 2/2 Z + Zk (winter)
Schedule: See SIS
Lecturer: Alban Fichet
Prerequisites: basic programming course (C#), basic calculus and linear algebra.

Introductory course in 2D and 3D computer graphics - topics: human visual system, color systems, color reproduction, vector and raster graphics, halftoning, anti-aliasing, HDR graphics, basic drawing algorithms, raster image coding, 3D scene representation, linear 2D and 3D transformations, projections, algorithms for hidden line/surface removal, introduction to shading, introduction to GPU programming and OpenGL.

Additional labs focus on practical aspects of the subject. Assignments use .NET programming in the C# language. See the GrCis repository (GIT repository).


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  • [Zara2005]  J. Žára, B. Beneš, P. Felkel, J. Sochor: Moderní počítačová grafika, 2. vydání, Computer Press, 2005
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