Introduction to Computer Graphics - current information (2018/2019)

The English version of the course is held on Mondays at 17:20 in lecture hall S4 (Mala Strana)

The labs are held every Wednesday at 10:40 in lab SW2 (Mala Strana)

What has happened so far

(Lab 0) (4. 10. 2017)

Brief intro, getting to know the students, rough assessment of prior knowledge.

Lecture 1 (5. 10. 2017)

Intro, Motivation

Presentation of what the graphics group in Prague is generally up to, and what industrial perspectives there are in this line of work. Also, start of course contents, with colour vision being the first topic.

Lab 1 (11. 10. 2017)

Intro to SVN, presentation of the basic system used for the exercise, discussion of the first assignment (Task 051 - the numbers of the individual tasks are non-consecutive, as they are taken from a larger pool of assigments that are numbered in order of their first appearance in any one of our courses).

Task 051: generation of colour palettes

Lecture 2 (12. 10. 2017)

Human perception

Human perception, anatomy of the eye, colour systems.

Lab 2 (18. 10. 2017)

Discussion of assignments 2 and 3.

Task 098: generating an SVG image Task 004: assembly of an HDR image

Lecture 3 (19. 10. 2017)

Gamma and Image File Formats

Gamma correction, GIF, PNG, JPEG.

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