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Network utilities

I'm experimenting with KSVI Web server and writting simple network and system utilities. Till now I have worked on three projects: w3stat, MSwho and diskusage. The first program generates WN server statistics from WN log-files, second one implements smart alternative of rwho protocol. The set of scripts diskusage is used for simple monitoring of disk usage on our workstations (output is presented on the Web). If you are interested, read details in next sections:

WN server statistics 'w3stat'

W3stat program reads WN log file and generates output tables in plain text, HTML 2.0 or HTML 3.0 formats. It understands 'extended WN log file format' but can operate with 'common log format' too.

For more information see w3stat home page.

To see WWW server statistics click here - only for clients with form capability.
Sample output pages are available here.

See w3stat bug list with log-file. To send comment or request to the author click here.

'MSwho' program

Compact explanation - MSwho implements 'smart multi-network rwho-like' protocol. The name stands for 'Malá Strana' WHO (the building of our School of Informatics stands in this part of Prague, our Internet domain is also named '').

Why I wrote MSwho utility:

Implementation method:

MSwho uses finger service to get login information from every requested workstation (on Novell servers we run finger server too). Than the real-name resolving (needed for Novell..) is done with help of our whois server. The task is finished by sorting and (HTML) formatting.

Two caches are used for fast execution and network traffic reduction. First one stores recent finger-results (you can set the expire time up to 30 minutes). Second cache remembers real-names that were requested from whois server (the expire time is set to 30 days). Now you are be able to add your own (long-live) entry into this database.


MSwho utility is still experimental and could be unstable. See bug list with log-file. Please report bugs and any comments to Josef Pelikán.

To enter the MSwho page you should have WWW client with form capability! You need not HTML 3.0 compliant client, you can check plain-text version of output.

Disk usage monitor 'diskusage'

Set of shell scripts for easy disk usage monitoring with WWW output. It runs on all KSVI UNIX workstations and every night collects information about disk usage of individual users. Results are formatted into several tables and presented on-line.

Daily usage files are stored five days (easy configureable value) together with one older file (refreshed every Monday). For each relevant triple [host,time,user] three values are computed: total disk usage in KB, total number of files/directories and number of files/directories changed in last week. User information is extracted from /etc/passwd file.

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