Computer Graphics II - current information (2017/2018)

Lecture: every WEDNESDAY AT 15:40 in SW1 room (Malá Strana)
(Czech version is on Tuesday at 14:00 in S3)

Labs: every other WEDNESDAY AT 17:20 (starting on 28. 2. 2018) in the SW1 lab (Rotunda)

Lecture plan

Lecture #1 (21. 2. 2018)

Introduction, literature, shading and ray-tracing revisited

Course content, additional sources, ray-tracing basics, shading basics (Phong reflectance model, Gouraud and Phong shading)

Lecture #2 (28. 2. 2018)

More reflectance models

General BRDF concepts, microfacet models: Cook-Torrance..

Lab #1 (28. 2. 2018)

Credit system, tasks, programming environment (C# environment, SVN repository grcis, MS Visual Studio), GrCis repository, ray-tracing example: 048rtmontecarlo.
Ray-based renderer architecture I (interfaces and core classes: RayScene, IIntersectable, IImageFunction, IRenderer, ISolid, ..)
Ray-tracing in GrCis (PDF slides)

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