GrCis image gallery

All images/videos were created using the GrCis library. When possible, pointers to actual repository projects are included (small links).
Video encoding: FFmpeg.


Five balls
Test scene with cubes
Sphere on infinite checkerboard
Hedgehog in the Cage
FiveBalls Cubes Sphere Hedgehog
      Scene © 2012 Michal Wirth
CSG flags
Various objects
Cylinders (jitter, 64spp)
Cylinders (regular super-sampling)
Flags Circus Cylinders Cylinders
Scene © 2012 Jakub Vlček Scene © 2012 Adam Hanka
Sampling test (jitter, 9spp)
Sampling test (regular, 9spp)
Toroids (CSG)
SphereJitter SphereRegular Toroids Sphereflake
    Scene © 2012 Jan Navrátil © 2016 Michal Tarina
Bèzier surface
Bèzier surface (crippled normals)
Utah Teapot (6k triangles)
Pitcher (25k triangles)
Bezier BezierBadNormals Teapot Pitcher
Buddha (100k triangles)
Toy-plane (55k triangles)
Buddha Toy-plane
Mystery sphere (n=1.05)
Ice sphere (n=1.31)
Crystal sphere (n=1.6)
Diamond sphere (n=2.41)
n=1.05 n=1.31 n=1.6 n=2.41

Distributed Ray-tracing

H-stick light source (4 spp)
H-stick light source (256 spp)
V-stick light source (4 spp)
V-stick light source (256 spp)
H-stick source H-stick source V-stick source V-stick source
Rectangular source (4 spp)
Rectangular source (256 spp)
Glossy reflections (400 spp)
(template 049distributedrt)
Glossy walls (100 spp)
(template 049distributedrt)
Rectangle source Rectangle source Glossy reflections Glossy walls
      Algorithm © 2012 Hubert Kindermann


Vintage photo denoise
(template 005denoise)
Blue-noise dithering
(template 007bluenoise)
KD-tree in 2D
Floating horizont
(template 017graph)
Sarah Bernhardt denoised Blue-noise dithering KD-tree Floating horizont
Algorithm © 2010 Michal Danilák Algorithm © 2010 Jiří Daniel
Floating horizont
(template 017graph)
Plasma (goal)
(template 035plasma)
Complex plasma system
(template 035plasma)
Plasma system with flow
(template 035plasma)
Floating horizont Plasma goal Plasma by Krijt Plasma by Ejem
  © 2011 Jan Horáček © 2011 Filip Krijt © 2011 Richard Ejem
Terrain generator
(template 039terrain)
Pixel-precise contours
(template 025contours)
(template 034ascii)
Terrain L-systems Contours ASCII art
© 2011 Jan Beneš © 2011 Jan Kolomazník Algorithm © 2010 Bohumír Zámečník & Josef Pelikán Algorithm © 2011 Jan Klátil


Around five balls
Around the blob
Trackball demo
(template 038trackball)
Flammable world
(template 035plasma)
FiveBalls animation Blob animation trackball demo Plasma animation
    © 2011 Jan Beneš © 2012 Filip Krijt & Josef Pelikán
Flames with flow
(template 035plasma)
"Black Sun"
(template 012animation)
Fluid Mandelbrot
(template 012animation)
Splash image
(template 012animation)
Plasma animation Black Sun Fluid Mandelbrot Splash image
© 2012 Richard Ejem & Josef Pelikán © 2010 Tomáš Witzany © 2010 Michal Danilák © 2010 Lukáš Bílek
Piston engines
(template 012animation)
(template 012animation)
(template 012animation)
Around two spheres HD
Piston engines Spirals Circles TwoSpheres animation
© 2011 Miroslav Chomut © 2011 Ondřej Staněk © 2011 Milan Rybář 1080p (34MB), 540p (9MB)
Receding Checker
Receding Checker
Receding Checker Receding Checker
256fold anti-aliasing single sample per pixel

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