How to encode video from individual frames

FFMPEG program

Let's assume you already have individual frames stored on your disk (e.g. output from projects 062animation, 063flame or 083animation). Now you need to encode a video-file from them. MPEG-4 encoding, AVI file-format (= AVI envelope).

We recommend command-line program ffmpeg with lots of options and able to use many popular video and audio codecs (actually there is a static-linked version of the utility with all the codecs included). Binary package for Windows is available here. By executing one line command you will be able to encode a video file from a sequence of raster images.

Typical command-line for ffmpeg evideo encoding looks like:
ffmpeg -framerate 30 -i out%04d.png -f avi -vcodec msmpeg4v2 -q:v 2 -y out.avi
All available arguments will be listed after you enter ffmpeg -h, for list of codecs you can use ffmpeg -formats (our recommendation - msmpeg4v2 codec, installed by default on every Windows machine).
Video-encoding batch sample (you can lower a bitrate changing the "q" value in the "-q:v <q>" section. Higher "q" .. lower quality & bitrate)

For advanced settings try FFmpeg wiki, specific page about creating video from individual frames is called Slideshow.

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