Special Seminar in Computer Graphics

Brief Description

The seminar for advanced computer graphics has no fixed topics, its purpose is to inform participants about recent advances in computer graphics. Participants of the seminar present interesting methods from literature (external students) or their own research (CGG group members).


Date Speaker Title/Abstract
17.2. Intro meeting
24.2. Matúš Goliaš Gradient boosted segmentation of retinal fundus images
We present our progress in segmentation of retinal optic nerve head, from the Master Thesis of Matúš Goliaš to the article that is currently being written. We discuss challenges, solutions and results proposed in our work with a look-ahead into the future of the topic.
3.3. Dominik Roháček Real-time global illumination, DDGI, improving its performance, and other techniques
10.3. no seminar
17.3. Elena Šikudová Estimating pedestrian intentions from trajectory data
24.3. Tomáš Iser Affordable spectral measurements of light scattering materials and its application in colour 3D printing
31.3. Thomas Nindel Differentiable rendering of procedural solid textures
7.4. Vít Kadlec Realistic Speech-Driven Facial Animation (from audio and a single image)
14.4. Matěj Žucha AI-based Automatic Conversion of Children’s Stories to Animated 3D Videos
21.4. Troja lab visit. Meeting 14:30 in IMPAKT building.
28.4. Vojtěch Pröschl Advanced Procedural Modeling of Architecture
5.5. Martin Mirbauer SkyGAN (working title)
12.5. Lucia Tódová Novel approach to constrained spectral uplifting (working title)
19.5. seminar cancelled

Excursion ideas (to be decided): Troja (CGG lab, David’s lab, multimedia lab), Corona / Chaos Czech, Charles Games, CIIRC, liv.tv