Computer graphics and vision seminar

Brief Description

The seminar for advanced computer graphics and vision has no fixed topics, its purpose is to inform participants about recent advances in computer graphics and vision. Participants of the seminar present interesting methods from literature (external students) or their own research (CGG group members).


Date Speaker Title/Abstract
15.2. Oskar Elek Monte Carlo Physarum Machine
Using interactive simulation and visualization of
3D Physarum polycephalum for mapping the Cosmic web and beyond
22.2. Thomas Nindel, Asen Atanasov PhD defense practice
1.3. PhD defenses No seminar
8.3. Darryl Gouder Real-time rendering
15.3. Elena Sikudova GACR applications
22.3. Lenka Ptáčková (DAM) Discrete Exterior Calculus on General Polygonal Meshes
29.3. Elena Sikudova GACR applications
5.4. Tomáš Procházka Designing optics for VR
26.4. Pepa Pelikan SCS visit
10.5. Rector’s day No seminar
17.5. students of NPGR024 presentations

Excursion ideas (to be decided): Troja (CGG lab, David’s lab, multimedia lab), SCS Truck simulator, Charles Games, CIIRC,