Computer graphics and vision seminar

Brief Description

The seminar for advanced computer graphics and vision has no fixed topics, its purpose is to inform participants about recent advances in computer graphics and vision. Participants of the seminar present interesting methods from literature (external students) or their own research (CGG group members).


Date Speaker Title/Abstract
5.3. Alex Wilkie GACR proposal
12.3. n/a No seminar
19.3. Tomas Iser GACR proposal
26.3. n/a No seminar
2.4. n/a Easter
9.4. Monika Kolářová EG submission brainstorming
16.4. Silvie Paprskářová Real-time Dispersion Rendering Algorithm based on Caustics Map and Single Charge Coupled Device Image Sensor
23.4. Darryl Gouder A Data-Driven Approach to Dwivedi Guiding/strong>
30.4. Martin Mirbauer PhD review
7.5. Nese Günes Towards XAI: A Generative Unlearned Model using Genuinely trained Neural Networks
14.5. n/a Rector’s day
21.5. Filip Ježowicz Hierarchical level of detail for varied animated crowds

Excursion ideas (to be decided): Troja (CGG lab, David’s lab, multimedia lab), Charles Games, CIIRC,, Eli, other VFX houses, Metrology institute, Valeo, VRgineers,