Special Seminar in Computer Graphics

Brief Description

Seminar for advanced computer graphics has no exact plan, its purpose is to inform about recent methods in computer graphics. Participants of the seminar present interesting methods from literature or their own research.


19.2.2020 initial meeting
26.2.2020 no seminar
4.3.2020 Chapman Taylor visit, no class at 10:40
4.3.2020 no class
11.3.2020 no class
18.3.2020 no class
25.3.2020 no class
1.4.2020 no class
8.4.2020 no class
15.4.2020 no class
22.4.2020 no class
29.4.2020 no class
6.5.2020 Dominik Rohacek: Sparse voxel octree total (global) illumination
SVOT(G)I – Sparse voxel octree total (global) illumination is a global illumination solution used by CryEngine. It is taking advantage of multiple other technologies to produce visually plausible scenes in the real-time rendering system. The technology pipeline spans from the calculation before the game is even shipped to the runtime. First I would like to shortly discuss similar technology called Reflection shadow maps which is also employed in the process of SVOTi calculation.
Similar technology:
13.5.2020 no class
20.5.2020 no class
27.5.2020 David Futschik: Artistic Stylization
Artistic stylization is a popular area of research which aims to empower artists with ever more productivity tools that cut down on manual work required. It has seen renewed interest with the advent of methods based on feature extraction using neural networks and continues to grow. To introduce my domain of research, I’ll talk about the latest developments, prevalent approaches and the challenges we continue to face.
A Neural Algorithm of Artistic Style, 2015
Visual Attribute Transfer through Deep Image Analogy, 2017
Style Transfer by Relaxed Optimal Transport and Self-Similarity, 2019
Interactive Video Stylization Using Few-Shot Patch-Based Training, 2020

(Excursion ideas: Eli, other VFX houses, Metrology institute, Valeo, CIIRC)