Special Seminar in Computer Graphics

Brief Description

The seminar for advanced computer graphics has no fixed topics, its purpose is to inform participants about recent advances in computer graphics. Participants of the seminar present interesting methods from literature (external students) or their own research (CGG group members).


Date Speaker Title
7.10. Vojtěch Tázlar, Tomáš Iser The state of 3D printing
14.10. (seminar cancelled)
21.10. Lucia Tódová, Vojtěch Tázlar Presentation of the two GAUK submissions
28.10. (no seminar, public holiday)
4.11. Alban Fichet, Vojtěch Tázlar Fluorescence rendering CGF re-submission
11.11. Lucia Tódová Spectral uplift CGF re-submission
18.11. (no seminar, a significant part of the group visits Formnext that week)
25.11. Petr Vevoda Material picker progress report
2.12. (no seminar, CGG is occupied with the PRIME EU project meeting)
9.12 Thomas Nindel, Mohcen Hafidi Wood rendering progress report
16.12 free slot
6.1. free slot