Special Seminar in Computer Graphics (NPGR005)

Code/hours: NPGR005, 0/2 Z (students can enrol for the course repeatedly)
Schedule: Wed, 12:20 - 13:50, S7 (Malá Strana)
Organized by: Jaroslav Křivánek
Prerequisites: Introduction to Computer Graphics (NPGR003) or general knowledge of / interest in computer graphics

This seminar is open to anybody interested in computer graphics. Colleagues and students from the Computer Graphics Group present their research projects, discuss future research plans, refer about interesting advances in computer graphics related disciplines or rehearse conference presentations. The goal is to keep us informed about the recent advances in the field and about the work of the computer graphics group.

The presentation topics vary from semester to semester but mostly revolve around realistic and predictive image synthesis, real-time rendering, 3D printing, machine learning, processing and rendering of medical data (on GPU), graphics hardware, GPU programming, image processing.

Everybody is welcome to attend the seminar. Students that enrol and wish to receive credit should attend the seminar on a regular basis and make a 30-40 minute presentation on a topic in line with the focus of the seminar (the topic should be approved by the seminar organiser). Depending on the audience, the seminar is held in Czech or in English.

Programme from previous years

Current programme

2.10.2019 no seminar
9.10.2019 Asen Atanasov - An efficient multiscale microfacet model (ongoing research work)
16.10.2019 Tobias Rittg - Geometry-Aware Scattering Compensation for 3D Printing (SIGGRAPH 2019 paper)
23.10.2019 cancelled
30.10.2019 Visit to Universal Production Partners (UPP)
6.11.2019 Ivo Kondapaneni & Petr Vévoda - Optimal Multiple Importance Sampling and its integration with bidirectional path tracing (SIGGRAPH 2019 paper and follow-up work)
13.11.2019 Martin Šik - MIS Compensation: Optimizing Sampling Techniques in Multiple Importance Sampling (SIGGRAPH Asia talk rehearsal)
20.11.2019 Thomas Nindel & Tomáš Iser - Differentiable rendering and its use in appearance optimization
27.11.2019 Sebastian Schimper - Converting 2D shapes to 3D meshes
4.12.2019 Jan Beneš - Procedural Modeling and Realism in Computer Graphics (dissertation defense rehearsal)
11.12.2019 Michal Kucera - Example-based style-transfer methods
18.12.2019 Filip Hauptfleisch - Stylized architecture rendering
(Excursion ideas: Eli, other VFX houses, Metrology institute, Valeo, CIIRC)