Special Seminar in Computer Graphics (NPGR005) - Archive

Current programme

Winter 2019/2020

2.10.2019 no seminar
9.10.2019 Asen Atanasov - An efficient multiscale microfacet model (ongoing research work)
16.10.2019 Tobias Rittg - Geometry-Aware Scattering Compensation for 3D Printing (SIGGRAPH 2019 paper)
23.10.2019 cancelled
30.10.2019 Visit to Universal Production Partners (UPP)
6.11.2019 Ivo Kondapaneni & Petr Vévoda - Optimal Multiple Importance Sampling and its integration with bidirectional path tracing (SIGGRAPH 2019 paper and follow-up work)
13.11.2019 Martin Šik - MIS Compensation: Optimizing Sampling Techniques in Multiple Importance Sampling (SIGGRAPH Asia talk rehearsal)
20.11.2019 Thomas Nindel & Tomáš Iser - Differentiable rendering and its use in appearance optimization
27.11.2019 Sebastian Schimper - Converting 2D shapes to 3D meshes
4.12.2019 Jan Beneš - Procedural Modeling and Realism in Computer Graphics (dissertation defense rehearsal)
11.12.2019 Michal Kucera - Example-based style-transfer methods
18.12.2019 Filip Hauptfleisch - Stylized architecture rendering

Summer 2018/2019

27.2.2019 Jaroslav Křivánek - Shooting the Serengeti skies in HDR
6.3.2019 Ondřej Texler - Experience from Adobe Research instenship (ongoing Ph.D. work)
13.3.2019 Jaroslav Křivánek - What's wrong with light transport research? (SIGGRAPH 2018 course)
20.3.2019 Petr Vévoda & Ivo Kondapaneni - Bayesian online regression for adaptive direct illumination sampling (SIGGRAPH 2018 full paper)
27.3.2019 Thomas Nindel - Survey of wood manufacturing technologies (ongoing Ph.D. work)
3.4.2019 Martin Mirbauer & Miroslav Krabec - Intelligent 3D (ongoing Ph.D work)
10.4.2019 Alexander Wilkie - The Weta experience & the science in it
17.4.2019 Sebastian Schimper - Recent research in computer aided 2D/3D animation
24.4.2019 Visit to PocketVirtuality (at CIIRC, Jugoslávských partyzánů 3, starting 12:00)
1.5.2019 No seminar - National holiday
8.5.2019 No seminar - National holiday
15.5.2019 Tomáš Iser - X-ray analysis in mechanical engineering (Master's thesis)
22.5.2019 Štěpán Hojdar - Generating realistic HDR skies (Master's thesis)

Winter 2018/2019

3.10.2018 no seminar
10.10.2018 introduction of seminar participants
17.10.2018 Tobias Ritting - 3D printing and appearance fabrication
24.10.2018 Filip Hauptfleisch - Texture synthesis and style transfer
31.10.2018 Sebastian Schimper - Computer-assisted hand-drawn animation
7.11.2018 Qingqin Hua - A 2D fluid solver
14.11.2018 Petr Šimůnek - Racing 300
21.11.2018 Štěpán Hojdar, Tomáš Iser, Luis Sanchez - 3D painting system for multi-color FDM printing
28.11.2018 Tomáš Procházka
5.12.2018 vrgineers visit (tentative)
12.12.2018 vrgineers lecture (tentative)
19.12.2018 Bohuš Brečka

Winter 2017/2018

17.10.2017 Vojtěch Tázlar - Procedural tree generation
24.10.2017 Alban Fichet - Efficient Representation for Measured Reflectance.
31.10.2017 Ivo Kondapaneni - Hierarchical Monte Carlo
7.11.2017 Gurprit Singh - Theoretical analysis of MC sampling
14.11.2017 no seminar (DISTRO meeting)
21.11.2017 Pascal Grittmann
28.11.2017 Visit to Global Navigation Satellite System Agency (GSA) in Prague
5.12.2017 Jack Leyland - WebGL: An Introduction, and applications of GPU Programming
12.12.2017 Tomáš Iser - Real-Time Light Transport in Participating Media
19.12.2017 -
2.1.2018 Radek Vavřička - Generalised Illumination Problem
9.1.2018 -

Summer 2016/2017

21.2.2017 no seminar (DISTRO meeting)
28.2.2017 Oskar Elek
7.3.2017 Pavel Ševeček (in Corona office, Karlovo nám. 17)
14.3.2017 Lab visit to Řez
21.3.2017 Petr Vévoda (tentative)
28.3.2017 Ivo Kondapaneni
4.4.2017 Alexander Wilkie/Lukáš Hošek
11.4.2017 Michal Mojzík (tentative)
18.4.2017 Jan Beneš (EG talk rehearsal)
25.4.2017 Jan Horáček (PhD defense rehearsal)
2.5.2017 Jan Kolomazník (PhD defense rehearsal)
9.5.2017 Chris Traxler (VRVis Vienna) - The PRoViDE framework for the virtual exploration and visual analysis of Martian terrains
16.5.2017 Ján Dupej / Federico Forti
23.5.2017 Tomáš Skřivan

Winter 2016/2017

11.10.2016 Martin Šik - Robust Light Transport Simulation via Metropolized Bidirectional Estimators
18.10.2016 Oskar Elek - Product Importance Sampling for Light Transport Path Guiding
25.10.2016 Jaroslav Krivanek - Adjoint-Driven Russian Roulette and Splitting in Light Transport Simulation
1.11.2016 Lab visit to Tesla Lighting
8.11.2016 (sportovni den)
15.11.2016 Jan Hovora - HoloLens
22.11.2016 CANCELLED
29.11.2016 Jan Buriánek - GPU-accelerated hyper-resolution
6.12.2016 Chi Wang
20.12.2016 Jiří Novotný - Supervised Pixel Classification of Music Scores using CNNs in TensorFlow

Summer 2015/2016

23.2.2016 Michal Prokš - CPU architecture and low-level optimization strategies (visit to the Corona Render office)
1.3.2016 Hisanari Otsu
8.3.2016 Issei Takarada - "Automatic Generation of Photorealistic Vector Images"
15.3.2016 Ján Dupej - Correspondence problem in geometric morphometry
22.3.2016 Alejandro Strajman
29.3.2016 Martin Šik
4.4.2016 Visit to the Optical Spectroscopy Group; prof. Jan Valenta
12.4.2016 Chi Wang - The behavior of BRDF with polarisation
19.4.2016 Tomáš Skřivan and Michal Mojzík
26.4.2016 Ivo Kondapaneni
3.5.2016 Suraj
10.5.2016 Anton L. Fuhrmann (VRVIS)
17.5.2016 no seminar
24.5.2016 Jan Beneš - Realism of procedural building models
1.6.2016 (tentative) Visit to the Metrology Institute

Winter 2015/2016

6.10.2015 Oskar Elek Rendering participating media: The forward and the backward
13.10.2015 Jaroslav Křivánek
20.10.2015 Petr Kadleček
26.10.2015 Visit to the UTIA BRDF/BTF measurement lab. prof. Michal Haindl - Mathematical modeling of reflectance and texture
3.11.2015 Jiří Novotný
10.11.2015 Alexander Wilkie (tentative)
17.11.2015 Bez semináře (Státní svátek) / No seminar (National holiday)
24.11.2015 Lab visit to DCGI @ CTU Prague
1.12.2015 Martin Čadík - LOCATE: Visual Localization in Natural Environments for Computational Photography Applications
8.12.2015 Petr Vévoda
15.12.2015 Martin Kahoun

Summer 2014/2015

17.2.2015 Bez semináře / No seminar
24.2.2015 Jan Beneš
3.3.2015 Jaroslav Krivánek - A Zero-variance-based Sampling Scheme for Monte Carlo Subsurface Scattering
10.3.2015 Jakub Šťasta - Image denoising through local linear regression
17.3.2015 Martin Šik
24.3.2015 Jan Horáček - Segmentation and tracking of small intestine from CT
31.3.2015 Tomáš Pajdla (FEL ČVUT) - Solving Minimal Problems for 3D Reconstruction from Images
Abstract: Minimal problems play an important role in computing structure and camera trajectory from image matches. This is an important component of the technology of automatic reconstruction of 3D geometry from multiple images, which is used, e.g., in terrain reconstruction, mobile robot navigation, and movie industry. The core of the problem lies in forulating and solving non-trivial systems of polynomial equations. We will give an overview of the state of the art in minimal problem solving and explain the underlying principles.
7.4.2015 Thomas Bashford-Rogers (Uni Warwick) - HDR and Rendering Applications
Abstract:This talk will concern HDR research such as Stereo HDR (efficient capture and storage), Optimal Exposure Compression, and then applications of HDR to rendering, such as efficient importance sampling of environment maps, and our work on machine learning for sky models.
14.4.2015 Visit to Institute of Intermedia (courtesy of Roman Berka)
21.4.2015 Jan Beneš - Procedural Modelling of Urban Road Networks (EG presentation rehearsal)
28.4.2015 Jiří Vorba
5.5.2015 odpadá / no seminar
12.5.2015 Vojtěch Bubník - Light Chisel: 6DOF Pen Tracking
19.5.2015 odpadá / no seminar

Winter 2014/2015

7.10.2014 Jaroslav Křivánek - Unifying Points, Beams and Path in Light Transport Simulation
14.10.2014 Alexander Wilkie - Hero Wavelength Spectral Sampling
21.10.2014 Štěpán Kment - Motion capture for games and movie production.
(Trip to BIS in Mníšek pod Brdy. Arrival to Mníšek at 9:30am, expected return to Prague no later than 11:45am.)
28.10.2014 Bez semináře (Státní svátek) / No seminar (Public holiday)
4.11.2014 Ján Dupej - Coherent point drift speedup & Statistical mesh shape analysis
11.11.2014 Petr Kadleček
18.11.2014 Ondřej Karlík - Corona Renderer: It's all about usability
25.11.2014 Martin Kahoun - Procedural biotope modelling
2.12.2014 Marek Dvoroznak - Towards Improvement of Ink&Ray: a Method for Adding Global Illumination Effects to Hand-Drawn Characters
9.12.2014 Jan Kolomazník - 2D Transfer Functions and Differential Operators for Volume Visualization
16.12.2014 Jirí Novotný - Optical Music Recognition: Overview & Open Issues
6.1.2015 Bez semináře / No seminar

Summer 2013/2014

20.2.2014 Bez semináře / No seminar
27.2.2014 Jan Beneš - Colors as Birds See It
6.3.2014 Jirka Vorba
13.3.2014 Lukáš Maršálek - Visual computing for better drugs: Familiar techniques in unfamiliar applications
Abstract: In this talk I will show the latest research done in our company and other labs in the world, where the use of familiar computer graphics and image processing techniques pushes the boundaries of what is possible in molecular biology. I will highlight the work in cryo-electron tomography, a unique computational technique for determination of three-dimensional structure of macromolecular complexes. My goal will be to show how many of the fundamental problems found in there can be treated in the terms we all know very well: ray casting, ray tracing, monte-carlo minimization, deconvolution, classification and clustering, non-uniform fast fourier transforms or spherical harmonics. I will also touch on how to put these software advancements to good use, why it makes sense to do it and why this century is going to be the century of computational biology and nanomedicine.
27.3.2014 Martin Šik - Adaptive Sampling And Filtering in Realistic Image Synthesis
3.4.2014 Štepán Kment - Digital intermediate
10.4.2014 Alexander Wilkie
17.4.2014 Lukáš Hošek - Real Time Atmospheric Rendering
24.4.2014 Jakub Fišer
1.5.2014 Bez semináře / No seminar
8.5.2014 Bez semináře / No seminar
15.5.2014 Dan Sýkora - Ink-and-Ray: Bas-Relief Meshes for Adding Global Illumination Effects to Hand-Drawn Characters

Winter 2013/2014

1.10.2013 Bez semináře / No seminar
8.10.2013 Václav Krajíček - Statistical Mesh Analysis of Longitudinal Shape Changes
15.10.2013 Petr Kadleček
22.10.2013 Karol Myszkowski
29.10.2013 Martin Kahoun - Procedural generation of computer graphics content
5.11.2013 Ivo Pavlík
12.11.2013 Ondřej Karlík
19.11.2013 Ján Dupej - Analysis of Asymmetry in Triangle Meshes
26.11.2013 Jaroslav Křivánek

Winter 2012/2013

4.10.2012 Bez semináře / No seminar
11.10.2012 Jaroslav Křivánek - Improving performance and accuracy of local PCA.
18.10.2012 Filip Šroubek (ÚTIA AV ČR) - Superresolution imaging - from equations to mobile applications.
Hover mouse for abstract.
25.10.2012 Jan Milota
1.11.2012 Martin Čadík (MPI Informatik)
  - Automatic Photo-to-Terrain Alignment for the Annotation of Mountain Pictures
  - NoRM: No-Reference Image Quality Metric for Realistic Image Synthesis
  - New Measurements Reveal Weaknesses of Image Quality Metrics in Evaluating Graphics Artifacts
8.11.2012 Lukáš Hošek - Extending the skylight model to include solar radiance and atmospheric perspective
15.11.2012 Roman Berka (Institute of Intermedia)
29.11.2012 Ján Dupej
6.12.2012 Martin Šik
13.12.2012 Martin Kahoun - Procedural generation of virtual landscapes
20.12.2012 Jan Beneš

Summer 2011/2012

23.2.2012 Iliyan Georgiev - Bidirectional light transport with vertex merging
1.3.2012 Ondřej Karlík - Mandelbulb or how I won the Science is Beautiful competition
8.3.2012 Jan Kolomazník - Segmentation on the GPU
15.3.2012 Jan Horáček - CT enterography processing
22.3.2012 Václav Krajíček - New methods for morphometric analysis
29.3.2012 Ondřej Karlík - SIGGRAPH Submissions
5.4.2012 Aleš Zita - Physically-based Simulation of Rainbows
12.4.2012 Louis Hache - Non-Photorealistic Rendering and the Science of Art
19.4.2012 Martin Šik - Fast Random Sampling of Triangular Meshes for Hair Modeling (CESCG rehearsal)
26.4.2012 Ivo Pavlík - Towards a Physically Plausible Shading Language
3.5.2012 --
10.5.2012 Kristina Bártová - Evaluating the Polarisation Characteristics of Glossy BRDFs - Diploma Thesis Start Talk
17.5.2012 Mária Vámošová - Wang Tiles for Realistic Ocean Surfaces
24.5.2012 Alexander Wilkie

Winter 2011/2012

6.10.2011 Jiří Vorba - Bidirectional Photon Mapping, Slides from CESCG
13.10.2011 Jan Beneš - Procedural city generation
20.10.2011 Ondřej Karlík - Corona renderer: Making of production-ready renderer in 3ds MAX
27.10.2011 Ján Dupej - Morphome3cs II
3.11.2011 Dan Sýkora, KPGI ČVUT - TexToons: Practical Texture Mapping for Hand-drawn Cartoon Animations
10.11.2011 Lukáš Hošek - An Analytic Model for Sky-Dome Radiance
17.11.2011 ----- (statní svátek / national holiday)
24.11.2011 Jiří Filip, ÚTIA AVČR - Apearance Capturing and Modelling using Bidirectional Texture Functions
1.12.2011 Bohumír Zámečník - Bokeh Laboratory
8.12.2011 Šimon Soták - Deferred rendering in games
15.12.2011 Martin Kahoun - Virtual hair brushing for production environments
22.12.2011 Petr Kadleček - Towards 6/3-DOF Haptic Rendering

Summer 2010/2011

28.2.2011 Petr Kmoch: Another look at animating hair
7.3.2011 Lukáš Hošek: Skylight models
14.3.2011 Václav Krajíček
21.3.2011 Jan Kolomazník
28.3.2011 Jaroslav Křivánek: Toward Evaluating the Use of Global Illumination for Lighting Design
4.4.2011 Ivo Pavlík: ART Toolkit Shading Language
11.4.2011 Jan Horáček: Processing CT enterography
18.4.2011 Petr Kadleček: Overview of current developments in haptic APIs (CESCG practice talk)
Martin Kahoun: Procedural generation and real-time rendering of planetary bodies
25.4.2011 - Velikonoce -
9.5.2011 Jiří Bittner (FEL ČVUT): Shadow Caster Culling for Efficient Shadow Mapping
16.5.2011 Petr Mayer (FSv CVUT)
23.5.2011 Petra Surynková: Rekonstrukce křivek a ploch postupnou evolucí

Winter 2010/2011

4.10.2010 Úvodní seminář, plán na další týdny.
Václav Krajíček: Jak bylo v Saarbrückenu?
11.10.2010 Petr Kmoch: Animating Virtual Hair
18.10.2010 Jan Horáček: Denoising volumetric data on GPU
25.10.2010 Tomáš Davidovič a Jaroslav Křivánek: Many-light methods for efficient global illumination
1.11.2010 Jan Kolomazník: Segmentation of liver and liver tumors in CT images
8.11.2010 Václav Krajíček: Registrace v objemových datech.
15.11.2010 Cancelled
22.11.2010 Josef Pelikán: Sciatic Notch Curve Representation in Morphometrics
29.11.2010 Daniel Sýkora: LazyBrush: Twilight of the Flood Fill
6.12.2010 Oskar Elek: Real-time rendering of clouds
13.12.2010 Vlastimil Havran: Bidirectional Texture Function Compression based on Multi-Level Vector Quantization
20.12.2010 Adam J. Sporka
3.1.2011 Ivo Pavlík: Efficient Procedural Shading and Modelling
10.1.2011 Jiří Vorba: Photon mapping, progressive photon mapping & stocastic progressive photon mapping: A survey

Winter 2009/2010

3.11.2009 Jan Kolomazník, CGG MFF UK: Organ Segmentation in Volume Data
10.11.2009 Polarisation Vizualization, Alexander Wilkie, CGG MFF UK, Haptics, Petr Kmoch, CGG MFF UK
24.11.2009 Data Structures for Ray Tracing on Specialized HW, Michal Hapala, CGG FEL CVUT
1.12.2009 Constructive Solid Blobs, Alexander Wilkie, CGG MFF UK, Dynamic Simulations, Petr Kmoch, CGG MFF UK
8.12.2009 Hip Joint Segmentation, Jan Horácek, CGG MFF UK
15.12.2009 Watershed Algorithm and Segmentation, Jan Kolomazník, CGG MFF UK
5.1.2010 Introduction to Morphometrics, Václav Krajícek, CGG MFF UK
12.1.2010 Surface Reflectance Models, Oskar Elek, MFF UK

Winter 2008/2009

9.10.2008 Ogre 3D engine Jan Horacek, MFF UK (kratky referat), umluva dalsiho programu seminare
16.10.2008 A Year in Real-Time Ray Tracing Nest Lukas Marsalek, MFF UK, Saarbruecken
6.11.2008 Haptics: Don't Lose Touch with Virtual Reality, Petr Kmoch, MFF UK (introduction to haptics, survey of available devices, chai3d library for haptics programming), Download page, Slides in PDF
13.11.2008 Realtime Rendering of Planetary Atmospheres, Oskar Elek, MFF UK, Slides in PDF, Video (PAL, 2:08, 130MB)
20.11.2008 Computer analysis of dynamic studies in medical imaging, Václav Krajíček, MFF UK
4.12.2008 Optics for CG: Light Scattering, Jaromír Plášek, MFF UK
11.12.2008 Optics for CG: Light Scattering 2, Jaromír Plášek, MFF UK
8.1.2009 The Hairy Problem of Virtual Humans, Petr Kmoch, MFF UK
15.1.2009 KD-trees for Volume Ray-Casting, Anita Schilling, TU Dresden, MFF UK, Slides in PDF

Winter 2005/2006

29.11.2005 Active Shape Models - metody registrace objektu v obrazku, Vaclav Krajicek, MFF UK, Prezentace v PDF
13.12.2005 Stinove mapy - problemy a reseni, David Ambroz, CVUT FEL Praha, Prezentace v PDF
3.1.2006 Realtime cloud rendering, Martin Petricek, MFF UK

Summer 2004/2005

5.4.2005 Volume rendering na GPU, Lukas Marsalek, MFF UK, Prezentace v PDF
19.4.2005 Simulace vodni hladiny na GPU, Jan Horacek, MFF UK, Prezentace v PDF
25.4.2005 Artistic Texturing: Screening, Frantisek Psotka, MFF UK, Prezentace 1 v PDF, Prezentace 2 v PDF
3.5.2005 Odecitani pozadi a sledovani lidi z nehybne kamery, Ondrej Sery, MFF UK, Prezentace v PDF
9.5.2005 Hypertextury, Frantisek Psotka, MFF UK, Prezentace v PDF
10.5.2005 Kolorovani cernobilych filmu, Martin Varga, MFF UK, Prezentace v PDF
17.5.2005 Zvysovani realismu prirodnich objektu, Boris Zapotocky, MFF UK, Prezentace v PDF
24.5.2005 Navrh animacniho systemu pro herni engine, Antonín Hildebrand, Illusion softworks.

Winter 2004/2005

5.11.2004 Generování mest Martin Petricek, zdroje: Instant architecture, CityEngine (procedural modeling of cities)
17.12.2004 Almorea - 2 roky vyvoje engine Lukas Marsalek, Almorea pages

Summer 2003/2004

29.3.2004 Rozpoznávání japonského písma Ondrej Velek
3.5.2004 Pouziti Gaussovych funkci pro registraci obrazu a warping Pavel Vacha, MFF UK, Prezentace v PDF
10.5.2004 Animacia chodze cloveka po nepravidelnom terene Jaroslav Semancik, KSVI MFF UK, Prezentace v PDF, home-page projektu

Winter 2003/2004

7.10.2003 GUI pro knihovnu JaGrLib, Josef Pelikán, Jan Kostlivý
16.12.2003 Vypocet osvetleni - Monte Carlo, pouziti GPU, Lenka Pronkova, KSVI MFF UK

Summer 2002/2003

27.3.2003 Reakce na kolize tuhých teles, Ladislav Kavan, Clanek v PDF, Program (virtualni serm)
24.4.2003 Modelování a animace tkaniny, Filip Vujtech, PPT prezentace
13.5.2003 Demo-scéna, ukázky, vývojové nástroje, Antonín Hildebrand, odkazy: scene.org, pouet.net
15.5.2003 JPEG-2000, Michal Havlena, PPT prezentace, An Overview of JPEG-2000 (Marcellin et al)
20.5.2003 The Motion-capturing and Retargeting, Jaroslav Semancik, PDF prezentace
22.5.2003 Kvaterniony v pocitacove animaci, Tomás Novák, PDF prezentace

Winter 2002/2003

31.10.2002 Skeletální animace a její modifikace, Ladislav Kavan, Odkazy v PDF, Clanek na WSCG'03
12.12.2002 Programovatelné shadery a jazyk Cg, Petr Kmoch, PDF prezentace
9.1.2003 Normal Mesh Representation, Antonin Hildebrand, PDF prezentace (zlobi cestina), HTML prezentace

Summer 2001/2002

12.3.2002 Skeletální animace, inverzní kinematika Ladislav Kavan, PDF prezentace
30.4.2002 Zpracování obrazových dat v astronomii Jiri Sedlar
7.5.2002 PVS, urcování viditelnosti ve 3D scénách Marek Vondrák
21.5.2002 Multi-resolution reprezentace a sub-division plochy (dil II) Tomas Bily

Winter 2001/2002

15.10.2001 Detekce kolizi v 3D scenach, Josef Pelikán, PDF prezentace (minimalni verze)
22.10.2001 Dynamicke stiny v realnem case s podporou HW, Antonin Hildebrand, WWW prezentace, PPT prezentace, Dalsi info
29.10.2001 HW podpora v modernich akceleratorech (vertex-shaders, pixel-shaders), Ondrej Spanel, BIStudio, PPT prezentace, PDF prezentace
5.11.2001 Bump-mapping podporovany HW akceleratory, Jiri Dvorak, PDF prezentace
12.11.2001 Multi-resolution reprezentace a sub-division plochy (dil I), Petr Ostadal, Dan Skarda
19.11.2001 Fraktály v pocítacové grafice, Lenka Pronková, WWW stranka, PDF prezentace (fraktaly), PDF prezentace (modelovani)
3.12.2001 Nerealistické renderování: kresby, Václav Slavík, PDF prezentace
10.12.2001 "Human Animation", Tomas Novak, KSVI MFF UK
17.12.2001 Kreslení s anti-aliasingem, Petr Hruska, KSVI MFF UK
7.1.2002 Rozpoznávání obliceju, Petr Altman, PDF prezentace

Winter 2000/2001

17.10.2000 Wavelety v kompresi videosignálu, Josef Pelikán
31.10.2000 Waveletová komprese obrazu, Petr Soukup
5.12.2000 Interakce ve virtualnim prostoru [podle SIGGRAPH'98], Vojtech Toman
19.12.2000 Simulace kapaliny, Vít Strádal (podle clanku N.Fostera a D.Metaxase)
9.1.2001 Radiosita v dynamických scénách, Stepan Hrbek

Summer 1999/2000

5.4.2000 Krizikova fontana (simulace strikajici kapaliny), Vít Strádal
19.4.2000 Úroven detailu (LoD) v modelování terénu, Kamil Ghais
24.5.2000 Koutky - úsporná reprezentace 1-bitového obrazu, Jan Palecek

Winter 1999/2000

6.10.1999 Rychlé zobrazování CSG pomocí OpenGL, Jan Lána
13.10.1999 Rychlé rolování grafiky (scrolling), Stepan Hrbek
3.11.1999 Blending 2D polygonu, Roman Zenka
24.11.1999 Kreslení bi-kubické plochy metodou pulení, Filip Krska
5.1.2000 Realistická obloha (atmosférické jevy) [podle CGF 1992-97], Filip Krolupper
12.1.2000 1. Karta Volume Pro 500, 2. Rekonstrukce 3D telesa z 2D rezu, Petr Felkel (FEL CVUT Praha)

Summer 1998/1999

19.3.1999 Úvod do VRML, Doc. Jiri Zara, FEL CVUT
26.3.1999 Automatizovaný popis tvarových charakteristik archeologických zlomku, Radim Halir, UTIA
9.4.1999 Reprezentace profilu archeologických zlomku, Jana Kostková
30.4.1999 Neuronové síte v pocítacové grafice, Vojtech Franek
14.5.1999 Dynamické stíny v reálném case, Dan Sýkora

Winter 1998/1999

7.10.1998 'Dithering' a 'halftoning': moderní metody, Josef Pelikán
14.10.1998 HW akcelerátory 3D grafiky a prehled 3D API, Ondrej Spanel
11.11.1998 Wavelety - pouziti v pocitacove grafice, Tomas Bily
18.11.1998 3D hra v realnem case (Original War), Michal Rehacek
2.12.1998 LiteTracing projekt, David Sitensky, Paralelni rendering, Karel Hanton
9.12.1998 Animace postavicek v realnem case, Ondrej Spanel
16.12.1998 A Modelling Method and User Interface for Creating Plants, Milan Skoda (podle CG Forum March 1998)
13.1.1999 Subdivision surfaces, Daniel Skarda

Summer 1997/1998

19.3.1998 Komprese multidimenzionalnich vedeckych dat a jejich vizualizace v sitovem prostredi, Petr Chlumský, FEL CVUT Praha
26.3.1998 1. Pouziti BLOB objektu k rekonstrukci plochy z neusporadane mnoziny bodu, 2. Rychle zobrazovani BLOB objektu, Jan Buriánek, FEL CVUT Praha
2.4.1998 Syntéza textur, Radek Doulík
9.4.1998 Program na zpracovani obrazu ImageShaker, J. Sovicka a spol.

Winter 1997/1998

9.10.1997 Algoritmy delení ctyrúhelníkových sítí, Josef Pelikán, KSVI
16.10.1997 Inkrementální "feature-based" warping, Václav Bartácek
23.10.1997 Reakcní difuse, Václav Balcar
30.10.1997 Ray-tracing of trimmed rational Bezier patches, (Sederberg, Nishita, Kakimaro), Artificial evolution for computer graphics (Sims), Daniel Skarda
6.11.1997 Automatic reconstruction of buildings from stereoscopic image sequences (R. Koch), Petr Ostadal
13.11.1997 Xaos - animace fraktalu, Jan Hubicka
20.11.1997 VRML, Jan Krajíc
27.11.1997 Algoritmy pro rychlou 3D grafiku (texturování polygonu), Vladimír Nejedlý
4.12.1997 Rozpoznávání písma, Ondrej Velek
11.12.1997 OpenGL knihovna,
18.12.1997 OpenGL Optimizer, Tomas Bily
15.1.1998 Fraktální komprese obrazu, Tomas Solar

Winter 1996/1997

3.10.1996 Hierarchické metody na výpocet izocar, Josef Pelikán, KSVI
10.10.1996 Zobrazování terénu, Jan Vondrák
17.10.1996 X-splines, Ondrej Kárný
31.10.1996 Morphing a warping I, Václav Bartácek
7.11.1996 Morphing a warping II, Jan Krajíc
7.-14.11.1996 Ray-tracing implicitních ploch, Daniel Skarda, Tomás Bílý
14.11.1996 Generování realistických stromu, Radek Doulík
21.11.1996 Náhodné a umelecké pultonování, Václav Balcar
28.11.1996 Segmentace obrazu, Pavel Zid
5.12.1996 Pyramidální textury, Tomas Solar, Paralelni radiacni metoda, Libor Sindlar
12.12.1996 Wavelets, Patrik Rak

Winter 1995/1996

9.10.1995 Metody Monte-Carlo v realisticke synteze obrazu (Rendering Equation, Path-Tracing), Josef Pelikán, KSVI
16.10.1995 Programování v prostredí OpenGL na SGI, Ondrej Spanel
23.10.1995 Graficky urychlovac HiFill pro PC a Macintosh, Jan Zacek
30.10.1995 Fraktální metody komprese obrazu, Martin Dlouhý, KSVI
6.11.1995 WinG a OpenGL pod Windows NT, Karel Sommer
13.11.1995 Rozpoznávání rucne psaného písma, Petr Somol
20.11.1995 Referat z oblasti radiacnich metod, David Bezdek
27.11.1995 Paralelní implementace radiacní metody, Libor Sindlar
18.12.1995 Geometricke algoritmy z projektu ROBOT, Martin Dlouhý, KSVI

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