Task 004: creation of an HDR image

The task is for you to create at least one HDR photo via multiple exposures that you combine into a final image. Choose an appropriate static scene, and shoot several successive exposures. The captured images have to be processed with a suitable program (eg. Picturenaut), and you have to produce an actual HDR image in one of the existing formats. Also, it is required that you use your own images as input: merely combining images you downloaded from somewhere is not sufficient.

Motive Suggestions

Anything with a large brightness range: outdoor shots on overcast days, sunsets, night scenes, ...
There is no shortage of good photo opportunities in Prague, so you can be creative.


You will need a decent digital camera, which has a manual setting: these are usually labeled "M". This mode allows you to manually set the time and aperture. A tripod is also recommended for longer exposure times, and to use a cable release or self-timer. Individual exposures should be shot with a distance of one or two exposure steps (EV). One should not vary the aperture, but the exposure time! For more information see the special page dedicated to HDR .


You will need a tool with which you can assemble an HDR image from multiple LDR images. Picturenaut is a good choice for Windows, or you can pick one from this list.

What to hand in

The resulting HDR image, plus the source images, and a brief description of the settings you used (exposure times etc.). Preferably all in one ZIP archive. If the hand-in is too large to send via mail, please consider using the services of a site like Dropbox, or similar.


Hand in the assignment until: 19. 11. 2017


Basic: 8-11 points, depending on the creativity of your solution.

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