Visualization (NPGR023)

Code/hours: NPGR023, 2/1 Z + Zk (winter)
Schedule: Tuesday 15:40 S9 (Malá Strana)
Lecturer: Josef Pelikán
Prerequisities: basic programming course (C#), basic calculus and linear algebra, Introduction to Computer Graphics (NPGR003)

This advanced course of computer graphics is focused on visualization, main topics are:

  • medical data acquisition and preprocessing (segmentation), visualization of multi-modal and multi-dimensional data
  • data analysis basics ("Big Data", "Data mining")
  • interactive data visualization on the web (Data Driven Documents, d3.js library)


  • general visualization: data types and formats, visualization goals, interactive methods
  • medical data: computer tomography, nuclear resonance imaging, magnetic spectroscopy, PET, SPECT, medical data segmentation
  • volume visualization: isosurfaces reconstruction, direct volume rendering (ray-based), light models for volume rendering, real-time volume rendering on GPU
  • big data analysis basics: data modeling, dimension reduction (PCA, SVD), discriminant analysis, classification, time series and prediction
  • visualition on the web: Data Driven Documents, d3.js library, HTML5, SVG, interactivity


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  • Weiskopf, D.: GPU-Based Interactive Visualization Techniques, Springer, 2006
  • Hansen C. D., Johnson, C. R.: Visualization Handbook, Academic Press, 2004
  • Hastie T., Tibshirani R., Friedman J.: The Elements of Statistical Learning, Springer, 2013

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