Task 074: Demo program for alpha-blending and image composition

Your task is to design and implement an interactive application for demonstrating alpha-blending and image composition. User should be able to load her own images with implicit transparency (PNG) or load an alpha channel from separate file. Set of synthetic images (perhaps defined by a math function?) must be available for convenience. All numerical parameters should be altered interactively.
Every important binary and unary alpha operations should be implemented! (See the lecture notes).


There is no VS project, you have to create a new one. Context of the repository grcis must be preserved (placing a new project alongside the existing ones, using the directory ../common if needed).

Technical remarks

You should consider GPU programming for faster results.
Shader implementations of the binary operations.
Interactive editing of parameters via sliders and passing them in realtime to shaders as uniforms, etc.


Due to: 7. 1. 2018


Base: 30 points
Bonus points: extensions, more functions, GPU programming..


You should create a new one (can be inspired by 086shader - it already uses shaders, but is 3D)

Source files

Submit the whole Visual Studio project (excluding temporary files bin, obj, .vs).

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