Academic publications about research projects conducted by our group.

Radiance Caching is a ray tracing-based method for accelerated global illumination computation in scenes with low-frequency glossy BRDFs. The method is based on sparse sampling, caching, and interpolating radiance on glossy surfaces. In particular we extend the irradiance caching scheme proposed by Ward et al. in 1988 to cache and interpolate directional incoming radiance instead of irradiance. The incoming radiance at a point is represented by a vector of coefficients with respect to a spherical or hemispherical basis
GrCis is repository of computer graphics algoritms and exercises in C# language maintained by by Josef Pelikán. It is used in computer graphics labs (see CG I, CG II, ..) taught by Josef Pelikán
JaGrLib is a library (general modular framework) for algorithm and data structure design, testing & tuning, maintained by by Josef Pelikán. It is focused on computer graphics and data compression, especially on the computer graphics curriculum taught by Computer Graphics Group of Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic