Photorealistic Graphics – materials

Set of essential books/dissertations for the course are:

From [Glassner1989]: the entire book is useful, maybe except of practical implementation chapters.
From [Shirley2009]: pages 69-90, 233-260, 303-316, 317-338.

Additional materials:

Materials for the lab

Video-labs (in Czech):

Video content on YouTube:
Playlist relevant to labs

  • lab 1 video Lectures and labs, GrCis ray-tracer (demonstration)
  • lab 2 video Demo: Phong reflectance model, shading interpolation (flat/Gouraud/Phong)
  • Ray-tracer Architecture Video

Photorealistic Graphics – slides in English, notes in Czech

Subject matter in chronological order

See the shared Google Drive directory with notes.

Video content on YouTube:
Playlist for the Lectures

Shading and Ray-Tracing

Advanced Ray-Tracing

Light transport theory, Radiosity

Monte-Carlo Rendering

Not used slides

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